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It's not buttery smooth as it should be:(. My understanding was to get it working with my  I changed my cable because i was using HDMI cable which is not supporting 144hz display. So I just got my 144hz monitor. So why are the 120Hz/144Hz monitors better? The brain, not the eye, does the seeing. Okay so I just got a new rig today, 1080ti, and my 144hz monitor isn't showing a 144hz option anymore. ᐅ 144hz Monitors ✓ Gaming Monitor Review ✓ Only best Offers ✓ 144hz Gaming Screen Test Your 144 Hertz monitor is not showing 144 frames per second? Need help with new monitor 144hz not display capture or window capture. There was no  Set it up and it looks great and everything the only issue is that I am not able to get it to 144Hz at 1440P. 5 Sep 2017 Is a 144hz refresh rate even possible with an rx 480? If not what dell monitor there that has the same specs as this one but would work with my gpu? . My main 144hz monitor is using a hdmi displayport cable. Another thing I must mention, Im not from USA, so buying from Amazon will be  Heya. 144HZ not showing up as an option in settings. 22 Dec 2016 Human eyes cannot see things beyond 60Hz. 9GHz with the  Screen tearing also shows up in fast movement if you have a computer sending more fps than the monitor can show, g-sync doesnt help that  17 Apr 2018 It does not appear to work when running at 144hz refresh rate. I can go into the Intel hd graphics and it does not show 144hz also. . I have -freq 144 in launch options, my fps is higher than 200 and everything else runs at 144hz. Edge is not capable 144fps on 144Hz monitor. My Computer  I noticed about a week ago an odd stuttering in tf2. When I logged into Overwatch I noticed that the game was still displaying at 60fps and not at 144. to get the full 144 must  31 Mar 2018 HP is being accused of false advertising by one Redditor who says the Omen 25 gaming monitor only offers a 120Hz refresh rate and not the  30 Jan 2018 Get a 144HZ display. via DP]) and at the correct frequency (144Hz), but no image is displayed. The LG 79-G went with  The problem is that windows doesn't default to a 144 Hz refresh rate for right click the desktop; select display settings; click on the monitor  30 Aug 2017 Asus just announced the world's first gaming laptop with a 144Hz display from home, but Asus has not yet announced pricing or availability. . I'm running a gtx 1080TI on windows 10. Basically if I put my monitor to 1080 with 60hz it will both display  If you're having problems getting your OS to display it in 144Hz with this monitor, DO NOT USE THE HDMI, as it can only refresh at 60hz. DVI does not  12 May 2017 Monitor refresh rate explained: Are 144Hz monitors worth it, and what the image is displayed for, not how quickly it can change, which is why  10 Jul 2017 The 144Hz refresh rate helps keep things nice and smooth, but seeing two frames on the monitor at once is not great. So for 1-2 weeks now CSGO isnt running in 144hz for some reason. I have my monitor set to 144hz. Select the Monitor tab, uncheck the box mentioned and select another refresh rate from Screen refresh rate. I didn't exactly know what to think of it until today when I lowered my monitors refresh rate to 60. 11 Dec 2015 Overall when NVIDIA Control Panel is not showing those 120 / 144 Hz options; either your Monitor side settings are not configured for that in  13 Feb 2013 Thread: 144hz monitor showing max 60hz HalloweenWeed no está en línea Overclocking is useless to me if it is not rock stable. So recently I did a fresh install of windows 10(not upgrade) and installed the Right click on desktop -> Display Settings -> Advanced Display  Hey guys, I'm desperate for help. Every other game/program is. My nvidia control panel is weird on this laptop and only shows 3d settings  i bought it less than a week ago and it was running on 144hz. rate to the current refresh rate of the current display (usually 60Hz, but  24 Aug 2016 So you've purchased a monitor that offers a 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate and Your monitor may not actually run at its advertised refresh rate until you On Windows 10, head to Settings > System > Display > Advanced  ( Also FreeSync is displaying the range of FPS 40 - 100 ) I mean it never has such a requirement to get a 144hz monitor to work to begin with. Go to "Advanced display settings". Yeah, the white one with the funky pins. When I go to options and try to change to 144hz it's not showing as a  I bought a 144Hz monitor and i played with the 144hz option for a few an display port so i have no idea why it is not showing me the 144hz  @schu: That's kinda the problem. I have an alienware 15, and have recently purchased a 24"144 hz monitor. It says it's running 144hz but i can visually SEE that it isn't. Are you using display port? I don't think hdmi will do 144. No, they are not set to duplicate the main monitor. Its not a major problem but if you were expecting to use its built in handy  27 Feb 2014 Hi all I got a 144hz 27 inch monitor on someones recommendation, but Thanks Vanthus, im not sure if it came with a dual link dvi cable but ill  Originally Posted by freeburn View Post. Scroll down and under "Related settings", select "Display adapter properties". hdmi dont work for 144. Right-click on Desktop and click on "Display Settings". 11 Dec 2016 My ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms monitor is Get a DisplayPort cable to make 100% sure you're not running into weird  So I got a new 144hz monitor today. - My 4670k does not seem to be utilised in the benchmarks, it rarely goes over 3. DVI-D cable or a Displayport cable otherwise you will not be able to use 144hz. The eye  I've been running a multi-monitor setup for a while now, with an ASUS VG248QE 144Hz monitor as my main, and one or more spare monitors as secondary di. Not  9 Sep 2016 The panel is capable of a native 144 Hz refresh rate, making the 34UC79G into the display, which could be useful for those, who do not have  10 Nov 2015 Driver doesn't seam to see the 144Hz refresh option of the monitor. 23 Aug 2017 - 1 min - Uploaded by TutorialTellersDon't see 144 Hz on your ASUS monitor? This simple tutorial will show you all how to enable You're using the display port connection, right? Thanks - mistake number one is not investigating the radeon as the source of the problem  As above: Nvidia 1080 and Predator monitor using DP cable that came with it. The GPU bound drops by 10% when on the 144Hz monitor. Last month RMA my philips 242G5 144hz monitor. video cable is surely the issue here. Doesn't show 144 on any resolution. Received a new set from them but 144hz option no longer in display properties liao. HW: Gigabyte R9 Fury Running  Hi all, title is pretty self explanatory. I had bought an Acer GN246HLBbid 1080p 144hz monitor this weekend and have been running it on 1080p  If your resolution in NVIDIA control panel is set to 144hz and you If not then it can seem like your game is running below the refresh rate but  Are you taking about in game? Or just your display settings? Are you using a HDMI cable? For me I couldn't get to 144hz without using a dvi  Hiy hltv so i have an 144 hz monitor but its only using 60 hz i've tried to use CRU You need to use dvi or display port. I have a 144hz Iiyama monitor ( link ) and I tried to set World of Warcraft's refresh rate to 144hz, but somehow it won't go any higher than  I did not notice any difference after switching from 60 hz to 144 hz, neither in games where I set the refresh rate to 144hz nor at the desktop. FPS_max  My game looks like it is still running at 60hz. of the monitor does it show what the current and max resolution is for DP? Creating a custom resolution for it to run at 144hz works, but when I get in CSGO You can find it in Windows 10 under Display Settings > Advanced display settings got changed that could not let the monitor run at 144hz

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